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Join 90,000 others getting paid to fight climate change.

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Walked instead of drove? Shopped green? Use MyWorld to track your daily eco-action and measure your progress.
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Connect your bank account, movement data and MyWorld will reward you when you make greener choices.
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Your actions earn Karma coins. Build up your balance by choosing sustainable alternatives when you shop, travel or eat and get rewarded for your new lifestyle.

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coins for green perks

Exchange your Karma for green perks from brands that are good for planet, a win-win.
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Make Real World Impact

Exchange your coin to protect acres of land in real world with our partner, leading NGO Conservation International.
Acres Defended
Trees Saved
125 Tons
Co2 Removed
Species Protected
Supporting Conservation International

Things Our Users Say

Below are direct quotes pulled from the conversations with MyWorld users


This app helps me to be aware of the small things I can do to help the environment without actually having to make a lot of effort.
Rob F.


Its a really nice touch. Being able to save trees. I'm on 350 or something already, which is nice. I’m in the top 1000 on the leaderboards.
Jane T.


I like to have those habits and try to contribute a little bit myself in my daily activities.
Rory B.


It's a little, and often, and it really makes a massive difference. And I don't think people realise that, but it really does.
Persia S.


I really like all the impact that it has, the reporting, the stories that are on the app.
Nicole S.


The key thing for me is that it allows me to see the impact that I'm making.
Michaela M.